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Life Is Good

A Girl and Her Gun: Life Is Good

Monday, April 9, 2012

Life Is Good

Our family had a glorious Easter. I know "glorious", not one you hear a lot, but it really is the word that best discribes our day. I also use the word dandy on an almost daily basis.

Every single moment of yesterday was perfect. Nothing extraordinary happened, but something about this place, all being together, the food, the wine...I was in the absolute best mood.

My husband made the observation that last year at this time I was the farthest thing from relaxed. I had just started carrying my gun, it was the first time I had carried it out of Virginia, I was still very very jumpy and I was still trying to convince myself and my family that nothing more than a not nice guy had taken a few bucks from me. I re-read a post I wrote while I was here last year and I talked about how nothing bad really happened that day in the parking lot. That I wasn't even sure if the guy had nefarious intent. My husband said he knew at the time he read that post, that what I was writing couldn't be true. That there was no way for me to be as rocked to the core terrified because some guy asked for money, but he didn't ask me about it.

I did leave here last year more calm and more at ease. I felt more comfortable in my skin and more comfortable with my gun.

This year I am doing dandy, but my poor husband really needed this vacation. His work has been mighty stressful. He just opened a new office in a new market for his company and I am sure you can imagine the pressure associated with that. I wouldn't say we have ever said I "need" a vacation, but this year, he needed one. I have loved seeing him relaxed and rejuvenated. We are only on day 2, so I have high hopes for the rest of the week.

Another upside to this place is that all the sun and fun wipe our kids out. I truly enjoy them, but I also truly enjoy when they are asleep. Last night they settled into watch a movie and were asleep by 7:30. Our older children decided to do the hot tub thing and my husband and I decided to sneak off and watch a movie. This has become a brand new favorite activity for us.

Since my husband loves me, he said he would make me a martini and then try to find a death movie for me to watch. That's his way of teasing me about the fact that I now watch things other than "What About Bob". He found the movie 300 on TNT.

I realize most of you have most likely already seen it. My husband is currently laughing his ass off at me that I write about movies 4 years after they were released to a group of people who probably saw them the weekend they were released, but I am waaayyyyy late to the party, so ya all are just gonna have to relive them all with me.

I had never heard of the movie and I had no idea what it was about, but our only other option was Yogi Bear and since Yogi doesn't get shot in that movie, I opted for 300.

By the time we got settled and figured out which of the 900 remotes went to the TV in our room and then how to work it, we had missed about 25 minutes of the it. I am trying to watch as my husband is trying to explain what happened leading up to this point in the movie and I was a little confused, but by the end of the first commercial, I caught up.

I was surprised at how much I liked this movie. It didn't have guns, but it had a whole heck of a lot of warrior mindset. No surprise here, I loved the queen. The movie was chuck full of quotable lines, but my favorite was...

Persian Emissary: "Our arrows will blot out the sun!" Stelios: "Then we will fight in the shade." 

I really want to see it again from the beginning without an overly excited man in my ear giving me a history lesson at the same time.

Formula for a super fabulous day...beach, family, food, wine, Easter Egg Hunt, hot tub, more food, more wine, and a death movie.


At April 9, 2012 at 5:44 AM , Blogger 1911Jeeps said...

300 is a good movie. I just wish I could do the workouts to get abs like any of them! :) lol

People oftentimes spend their vacation doing all kinds of things to take in the vacation time, but forget it is all about relaxing. Nothing pisses me off and makes me laugh more then people being so rushed and stressed during vacations that they need to whine about needing another one.

After we got back from our cruise last month, I felt totally rejuvenated, and enjoyed that glorious time with my wife and my parents, whom we had gone with on the cruise.

Enjoy your time. Enjoy your family. Make the time to be just you. We'll be here when you get back, ready to hear what you have to say. :)

At April 9, 2012 at 8:21 AM , Blogger RabidAlien said...

Amen! "300" was an epic movie! Sure, the history behind the story was subjected to the Hollywood-torture (the Spartans, allegedly, fought butt-nekkid. Showed their contempt for their enemies, allowed for greater freedom of movement, and denied their enemies a hand-hold. Well...more than one, anyway.). Also gotta agree with 1911 on the whole vacation thing...last one we took, to Orlando, our kiddo was wiped out by the end of the day (yet, in true 3-year-old fashion, still wanting more) and cranky, and fell asleep as soon as we put her in bed. My wife....pretty much the same. So I spent most of my evenings watching "Storage Wars" because there was nothing else on local TV without having to pay extortion-prices for a hotel movie. I also did a bit of reading at night.

At April 9, 2012 at 8:32 AM , Blogger TheMinuteman said...

As RabidAlien said, hollywood-torture of the story. I refused to see it in the theater because growing up I remember my dad telling the story of Leonidas and the 300 Spartans. I waited till the following year when it was on TV while I still had my cable subscription.

From a gun culture point of view the story is important as it is the origination of μολὼν λαβέ! (Molon Labe). I view the story as a reminder to fight, no matter the odds. It's an enjoyable movie, but I enjoyed listening to my dad tell the story more.

At April 9, 2012 at 9:14 AM , Blogger Old NFO said...

Glad y'all are having a good time! And MM is correct... Molon Labe came from the Spartans!

At April 9, 2012 at 7:17 PM , Blogger 45er said...

Glad you're having a great time (all of you). Yes, "300" is spectacular and historians throughout history have pointed to this as the right attitude to have in a fight. Of course, the movie (like most productions) is hugely inaccurate and modeled more after the graphic novel than history, but it sounds like hubby kept you apprised of that. :)

At April 10, 2012 at 5:28 PM , Blogger agirlandhergun said...

Oh yes, he did.

At April 10, 2012 at 5:28 PM , Blogger agirlandhergun said...

Did not know that.

At April 10, 2012 at 5:29 PM , Blogger agirlandhergun said...

You are such a great guy.

At April 10, 2012 at 5:30 PM , Blogger agirlandhergun said...

We are having a nice balance of go, go, go, and just be.

At April 10, 2012 at 5:32 PM , Blogger agirlandhergun said...

Lol, my family sleeps in and I am an early rising, so I get family time and alone's a perfect balance.

At April 10, 2012 at 7:24 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Sounds perfectly lovely to me
I was actually familiar with the graphic novel years ago. (my first job was at a comic book store.) They did a really fantastic job.


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