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Some Good Stuff

A Girl and Her Gun: Some Good Stuff

Monday, April 2, 2012

Some Good Stuff

Just a few quick notes before I go check my gun and range bag for the third time as I am off soon to meet my friend at The Range and then we have a lunch date.

Today is the last day for the Give-A-Way.  You have until midnight tonight to enter.  I will draw and notify the winners Tuesday April 3rd.!! By this time tomorrow we will have two women on their way to having more freedom in their lives.  They will be one step closer to being more prepared to take care of themselves and that is just fricken awesome!  Can't wait!!

This morning I opened my email and waiting for me was a note from a gentleman that sends me all kinds of information about guns, shooting, and self defense. I always look forward to what he has to say and I almost always learn something.  Today's email led me to Bayou Renaissance Man's blog.  It included a link to this post which if you are even remotely interested in self defense you should read.

After reading my email and the above mentioned post, I popped over to my Facebook.  I always head straight to The Cornered Cat's page(you all know I have an obsession wit her).  I have NEVER visited her page a single time without reading something thought provoking, inspiring, funny and sometimes down right life changing.  This morning she had a link to an article on her web page written by guest author, Frank Ettin.  The article discusses the legal issues behind Stand Your Ground and The Castle Doctrine.  Everyone should read it, but especially if you are new to guns. 

Hopefully most of you have had the good fortune of finding your way to guns by some other means than a bad guy encounter. My entire journey here has been a desperate and emotional roller coaster ride.  All I wanted to do was learn to protect myself and my family.  I wanted a gun and I wanted to know how to use it, but one doesn't have to be around to long to realize nothing with guns or self defense is that black and white. As my life is getting back on track and I am becoming less emotional and more deliberate, I am able to focus my mind and training beyond my trigger finger.  If you are just beginning your journey then I would highly suggest spending as much time learning about the laws and legal ramifications of defending your life as you do on aiming and mindset.   There is a lot to learn, but don't panic, it will come in time. I am not good at putting that particular advice into practice, but it is good advice nonetheless and if you can relax and take things step by step you will be much better off.

So, enter The-Give-Away, go do so some not so light reading and enjoy your day!!


At April 2, 2012 at 9:23 AM , Blogger The Lowry Place said...

Good read, I have many years under my belt in martial arts. And I've had a gun put in my face before as a kid by someone I went to school with, (first of all I shouldn't have disobeyed my parents and walked home from the movies) I was maybe 13yrs old. There are so many things that can go through your mind at one time in that kind of situation, I'm lucky to be alive today and now know exactly what I don't want Kaylen doing when she is older. But I don't think anything really ever prepares you for that kind of situation as a kid's standpoint. My only thoughts to you parents is keep your kids save and teach them young how to defend themselves. I never held a gun personally until 2 yrs ago. Our daughter is 3 and has held several guns. (not fired anything yet) but she is aware of them and as she grows older she will know how to work a gun from shooting it, loading it, cleaning it. Hopefully she will never be faced with the same situation ever in her life as I did.

At April 2, 2012 at 11:55 AM , Blogger agirlandhergun said...

Good grief at such a young age. I am sorry for that. I am so very happy you are here today and are teaching your daughter what she needs to help keep her safe. Your awesome!!!


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