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Birthday Surprise

A Girl and Her Gun: Birthday Surprise

Friday, July 15, 2011

Birthday Surprise

I tried to upload a video of my daughter and her birthday surprise, but it won't load on this page.  If you would like to see it go here

This child came to us completely deaf, with no language and even less survival skills than me.  She was 2 and the first time we took her to the pool she just jumped in and sunk to the bottom.  She did not fight to come to the surface, she just sunk.  Both my husband and I jumped in immediately, brought her up and she just looked at us.  No fear.  No idea that she was in danger.

This is just one step in a on going process of consciously teaching our daughter(all of our children) how to take care of herself. 

The other day as we were walking across the street, I told her to stop and I asked her if she looked for cars(I knew she hadn't). She said "no"  I asked her why.  She said "cuz you were looking"

I said, I was looking and I will always look, but you can not depend on other people for your safety.  That is your responsibility.  you look for yourself, every time.

I was 40 before I learned this lesson.


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