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Watcha Want To Know Wednesday

A Girl and Her Gun: Watcha Want To Know Wednesday

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Watcha Want To Know Wednesday

Question - does you husband carry and how does he feel about your decision to? My husband and I got our CCL's at the same time - but it took me almost 2 years to actually start carrying on my person - awful I know. But I had to come to a point where I realized that he ( husband) wasn't always going to be right there - and even if he was he might actually need my help. Since I am also often out with just me and the two little ones - carrying not on my person just wasn't pratical. Still working on perfecting the art of conceal carry - but am getting better.

I will start with the second part of the question. My husband, not only, supports me in my daily carry, but I think he is proud of me and I think it kind of turns him on. 

While I would not say that I am super tough, I am definitely more aggressive and definitely more confident.

Before my gun, my fitness had always been about being healthy and lean, but now I also focus on being strong and for my small frame, I am fairly ripped.  Especially my arms. The gun is just one step in my overall mind set to prepare myself for defense of my body and of my family.  I think this new confidence coupled with the very real fact that I can use my gun and that my mind is most assuredly stronger, is a combination that makes him feel better about my safety and our families.  As a man who is very protective of us and one who puts our safety first, I think he sleeps better at night knowing that I carry a gun, know how to use it and continue to find ways to be more prepared.

As to the first part of the question, yes he carries, but it has been a progression.

Off and on over the years my husband had mentioned he would like a gun in the house, but he never really pushed the issue.  About a year or so ago, he started bringing it up more frequently and while not forcing it on me, was really more persistent in his desire for us to have more home protection.  He was traveling more and he just felt we needed to have a gun.

After the grocery store incident and my change of heart on guns, he was focused on getting me a gun that I was comfortable with and getting me the training I was obsessed with getting, but he didn't care so much about getting himself a gun to carry.

With me buying a few wrong guns, he ended up with a Glock 23. He loved it, but rarely if ever carried it.

At first I kind of nagged at him to carry more because I was not at all comfortable with the idea of me protecting our family.  I didn't know how to shoot and my mind was definitely not combat ready.  He was both a skilled shot and his mind has been tested in combat and had proved itself.

If we went out together or as a family, he carried.  He carried because it made me feel more comfortable and he is all about make me feel comfortable, but I noticed he hardly ever had his gun when he went out with out me.  I tried not to say to much because I felt like he had to come to it on his own.  After all he waited 40 plus years for me to around. 

But for weeks our town had a rash of armed robberies and a string of violence that freaked me out, so I told him, "Babe, I really would prefer you carry more often."

As the world is often relentless in it's persistent to teach us it's lessons, one night my husband ran out to the grocery store, without his gun and ran into some thugs. 

I will spare you the long drawn out details, but basically they were harassing the check out lady.  There were 3 of them and they were cussing and trying to intimidate the people in the store.  My husband's first thought was "why didn't I bring my gun?"  The check out lady was a young girl who did not take their crap and surprisingly, they backed down.  There was no trouble, but husband came home and declared,

"We will always have a gun with us!" and with very few exceptions, we do!

I am beginning to think dark alleys are perfectly safe, but I might start ordering my food from take out because the grocery stores in this town are all kinds of scary.


At July 13, 2011 at 12:41 PM , Blogger poniegirl004 said...

We normally carry everywhere - and I say normally because there have been some circumstances where we wanted to carry but the situation would not allow - i.e. family reunion -lots of hugging with people we haven't seen in many years. It is easier I think (and he will admit it) for him to carry - he has a much larger frame, is more trained than I am (prior military,...) he also doesn't have to "dress" for work like I need to. That being said if we are going out we will let each other know what and where we are carrying - we each have a couple of options for what we carry so he'll say I have such and such in my pocket or something like that. I know he finds it very attractive that I am carrying - especially when I open carry the larger pistols out in the pasture! Thank the Lord we haven't had a situation where we felt we "needed" a gun but with my daily commute it is only a matter of time I am sure before I run into some "badguys" (as my 3 year old would say). I just hope I am mentally preppedd if/when the time comes!
Speaking of kids..... what do yours think (if they know) and how are you introducing it to the youngsters?


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