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It's In The Details

A Girl and Her Gun: It's In The Details

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's In The Details

I have never been good at the details. I don't know if it is my memory or just the way my brain works, but I don't think in details. I am a big picture kind of gal.

I can know people for years and have no clue that they wear glasses or the color of their hair.

It has never really mattered to me because I have always focused more on the relationship.

What people think and feel, but now that I am hyper vilagent about maintaining my safety, I realize that has to change.

I have, for a while, tried to live my life being more aware. Looking around to see if anything seems out of place, see who is around me and just becoming more familiar with my surroundings.

All good, but I realized that if I ever want to be a good witness, I need to learn how to notice things about people and remember it.

I try to practice this when I am going about my everyday tasks. I look at people and then look away and try to remember things about them. Color of their shirt, color of their eyes and every so often when I am feeling cocky, I will try to see if I can find something unique or unusual about them.

Today as I walked out of Target, I saw a man who I was practicing on. I noticed that he was average height, short brown hair, not unattractive, but plain. I thought, I need to look closer to find something that would help the police identify him(not that he was doing anything wrong. He wasn't. I was just practicing). So, I looked and I saw that he had an eagle keychain. I am not sure how useful or unique it was, but it certainly was something I never would have noticed before.

Unfortunately, this all took place in the parking lot as I was walking to me car and I was so tuned in to this innocent fellow shopper that I was not paying attention to anything else and almost got hit by a car backing out of their parking spot.

Now to practice mutli tasking.


At January 19, 2012 at 10:12 AM , Blogger Bob Johnson said...

you'll get there eventually - i'm lucky i guess in that i've always had a mind which automatically did that - on the other hand my wife has been getting better at that fairly steadily since we met in 05


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