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Day 2

A Girl and Her Gun: Day 2

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 2

A few notes before we get to Day 2

I seem to have quite a few people who read this blog that are brand spankin' new to the world of guns and are as ignorant to them as I was(and in most ways still am).  Some of the information I assume to be basic is not basic to someone who is "that" new to this world.  I know when I read a gun review in a gun magazine or on, I am often so overwhelmed by what I don't understand I can't get anything from the review.  I walk away still not knowing a flip about that gun.  Frustrating!!!

So, from now on when I mention something related to guns, I will put a very brief, basic explanation in parenthesis.  This is just to clarify in the most basic form for folks to understand the post and not by any means my attempt to exhaustively cover the subject.  I would never try to explain anything in depth as I am not an expert and there are so many out there, why would I attempt to be one?  I might from time to time provide a link to direct folks to those experts, but not every time.

For example, if I were to mention the type of ammo I used at the range and I decide to give all the spec to include grain.  It would would look something like this...grain (measure of the weight of the bullet in grains).  Very basic and not even close to covering all that is involved in grains of a bullet or what it means to shooting etc, but a person reading my post could get the idea of how grain would pertain to what I was discussing.

Not only am I not a gun expert, I also am not a super model. Me standing around while someone takes my picture is uncomfortable for me.  I feel stiff and phony and kind of frumpy, so instead, I have my camera out and my entire family is instructed to take random shots of me throughout my day with and without my gun.  It is A Girl and Her Gun in her natural habitat.

Today's pictures don't really make me feel any less frumpy as they were taken by my 7 year old, who insisted I post them. They are a little more random then I was looking for and way more fuzzy:)

On to Day 2 Conceal Carry...

Yesterday was much hotter than we have had in the past week.  97 degrees and muggy.  When it is muggy and hot in my state, every business owner turns their AC down to 32 degrees. This is not fun for me. Anytime I go into a building  I become a Popsicle.  I literally freeze, so for me the hotter it is outside the more layers I put on in order to counteract the inside temps.  It is easy for me to remove a top shirt or vest while in the car and pop it back on when I head into a store or business.

My son borrowed my Glock(brand of gun), so I wore my Ruger LCP(a small pocket size gun that shoots .380 bullets. .380 is a pretty small bullet).

We did the swim team thing, then took my granddaughter to her first doctors appointment.  The doctor had a few concerns so we had to go to a subcontractor to the hospital for test.  No signs about guns at this building, so I did not feel the need to remove my gun.  Had to go into the bank, so my gun stayed in the car.  Not in the safe because my daughter-in-law was staying in the car and I wanted her to have access to it. After the bank I headed home and then headed to the gym.  Gun stayed in the car in the safe.  After the gym, I came straight home and stayed in for the night.

This is first thing in the morning getting cereal for the kids.  No gun on yet, but it is close by.

Still me doing the breakfast thing. Wearing the Ruger(brand of gun) in the Crossbreed Micro Clip(Crossbreed is the maker of the holster and Micro Clip is the style)

Cover garment on and heating up coffee before I grab my shoes and head out the door for my day.  The wrinkle on my left side is not from the gun. It is just the way my shirt is laying do to the angle of my arm.  This gun does not print(the outline of the gun or weapon seen through clothing) with this loose shirt.  I love this shirt because even as I move throughout my day lifting and bending, it does not come up over the gun and it completely covers the clips of the holster. 

Waiting for my husband to come into the house.  Sometimes I get excited and wait for him by the door.  I knew my daughter was taking a picture, so I pulled the shirt a bit to show the gun really does not print.

 A close up shot of the same thing.

Grabbing the car seat. Kind of a weird angle, but as you can see, even bent over, no clips showing.


At July 6, 2011 at 1:27 PM , Blogger poniegirl004 said...

Ce Adams - Pretty Cool - have a shirt similar to that - but I think since my daily carry is a little larger it doesn't hide it quite as well as yours does. Picking up the car seat is always a challenge - then putting it in the pick-up where i have to lift it WAY UP is fun

At April 17, 2012 at 5:45 AM , Blogger The Lowry Place said...

This is the part that bothers me most about conceal carry. Is the imprinting. The shirts I wear to work are all form fitting so I know that I would have to figure out a different way of carrying while at work if I decided to do that there. But outside of work I normally am a t-shirt, jeans kind of girl. I would love to go to a holster shop and take my gun and try all the different styles and find the best one for me. To bad it's not really an option.


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